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Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

What do we need to Bring?

All we need is a supply of your food from home, and perhaps a familiar toy. We prefer to use our own bowls and bedding. If you choose to bring bedding from home it must be machine washable.

Why do you only allow morning drop off?

Experience has taught us that morning drop off allows your dog the whole day to settle in and become familiar with his or her new surroudings. During this time your dog will have the opportunity to socialize with both the staff and with his new canine friends. By bed time most dogs are totally relaxed and all our guests can enjoy a quiet and stress free night.

Why do I have to bring my dog for a visit prior to my first booking?

We operate differently than most conventional boarding facilities. Your dog will be interacting with new dogs and people in a large off leash area several times per day. Unfriendly, aggressive or nervous dogs do not do well here and pose a risk to our other boarders and to our staff. The visit will also give you the opportunity to tour our facility and get to know the people who will be caring for you pet.

Where does my dog sleep?

Between exercise sessions and at night your dog will be housed indoors in our climate controlled kennel building. All dogs have their own individual area. Most of our runs are 4 feet x 8 feet with 8 feet ceiling height.


How do we pay?

We will send an electronic invoice prior to pick up. Preferred method of payment is e-transfer. We

will also accept cash at pickup. All invoices must be paid in full prior to pick up.




What vaccinations are required?


We require proof that your dog has been examined by a qualified Veterinarian within the last 12 months and that the following vaccinations are current: Rabies, DHPP, and Bordetella. If you and your Veterinarian have opted to use titer testing as an alternative to a regular vaccination program, and have documented test results from an accredited lab, we will accept this as an alternative.







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